I also made some animations:

Draak, a drawn black and white animation with some morphs about how burning love can be suffocating, but it will burn out after some time. I drew all the fifty frames and scanned them. Thanks to Martijn de Vette, who turnt it in to a movie.

Groenmonster, an experiment on rotoscoping turnt out to be a real splatter. Really funny, bloody, but most of all....very short (2 seconds). It took 2 and a half hour to make.

The Last Day, here you see the last day on earth, when the destructed creation is uncreated. All elements are painted and put together on computer. What started as a possible design for the Triple-B album turnt out to become an animation. The music is by Katatonia and it is the nameless hidden track from Tonight's Decision, an album which deserves much more attention than it ever got.