The White Tree Studio

My own primitive, analogue home-recording studio. This is where I record my own music on an 8-track recorder (when I have the time).
Most important instrument is my guitar (love playing guitar, though I'm not a great player (yet ;) ). But together with a synthesizer, bassguitar, drumcomputer and sequencer I can work some things out on my own.
Here you can find more about my music

Here is a list of my equipment:

-Aria Pro II STG-01-3X ; my guitar
-Yamaha MT8X ; an 8-track Cassette-recorder
-Fostex X-18H ; a four-track cassette-recorder
-Epiphone Les Paul; my other guitar since feb 2004
-Zoom 1010 ; guitar-fx-processor
-Roland JV-30; synthesizer
-Alesis Microverb III ; 19" reverb/delay-processor
-Alesis 3630 Dual Compressor/Gate/Limiter
-TC Electronics M-300 ; fx/reverb-processor
-Boss DR-550 Drumcomputer
-Roland MC-50 Sequencer
-Vester Stage-Series ; bass-guitar
-Zoom 506 ; Bassguitar-fx-processor